Sustainability News

EU-funded project helps the public and policy makers better visualize data that impacts their daily lives in high resolution.

Using machine learning, virtual reality, and urban emotion tracking, researchers will test methods for creating "living labs" at complex urban locations.

The Blue Angel recognizes adherence to ecological standards and is recognized as a credible guide for selecting environmentally friendly products and services.

HLRS uses supercomputing and visualization to develop comprehensive models of urban environments, supports city planning in Herrenberg.

University of Duisburg-Essen researchers use HPC to model fuel jet flames in unprecedented detail, verifying experiments done by the German Aerospace Agency.

It is the first time that a major high-performance computing center has received approval under this framework for environmental management.

ISO certifications for environmental management and energy management recognize comprehensive steps the center has taken to address its environmental impact.

Using a machine learning algorithm and supercomputing, scientists are modelling wind turbine designs to improve energy efficiency.

HLRS is technical lead for an EU-funded project that is developing potential solutions relevant for migration, air pollution, and the spread of information through social media.

At a public event titled "Vision Smart City: Future Mobility, Today" held at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, HLRS and partners at the University of Stuttgart demonstrated how virtual reality is being used to plan a zero-emissions...