Synaespatia - A Networked Musicospatial Virtual Environment

Snapshot Synaespatia - the experience of sound and music as manifestations in virtual reality

Synaespatia is the experience of sound and music as spectacular and dynamic manifestations in virtual reality: the sensing of sound as space through the technologies of a Networked Musicospatial Virtual Environment (NMSVE). The NMSVE, developed as a collaboration between Dr Uwe Woessner and Dr Jeremy J Ham, integrates digital musical instruments, virtual instrumentation, live and recorded sound, spatialisation using gaming technologies and screen-based display. These can be networked to enable interaction and inter-continental musicospatial performance. We demonstrate a cross-domain performance platform that enables the creation of vast improvised soundscapes and spectacular visualisations. We encourage audience interaction and the exploration of the synergies between the sonic and spatial domains through synaespatia.

This hybrid event is part of the Ars Electronica Garden Aotearoa 2022, New Zealand’s contribution to the International Ars Electronica Festival in 2022.

Further information

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Jeremy J Ham (AU)

Uwe Wössner (DE)

Project Credit

University of Stuttgart HLRS in collaboration with Kolab -BW/ Ministry of Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg; SurfCoast Architecture


17. Jun 2022


17. Jun 2022

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