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Eurolab4HPC2 worked to promote the consolidation of European research excellence in exascale HPC systems.

Europe has made significant progress in becoming a leader in large parts of the High-Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem: from industrial and scientific application providers, via system software, to Exascale systems, bringing together technical and business stakeholders.

Despite such gains, excellence in research in HPC systems is fragmented across Europe and opportunities for synergy are being missed. For instance, scientific HPC applications developers, datacentre architects and computer system middleware designers are all concerned with parallel performance but typically operate in different research communities lacking a common platform to excel. The HiPEAC Network has united an excellent community around high-performance and embedded computing systems. However, the link to HPC system providers and users is missing.

Two initiatives launched two years ago, EXCDI and EuroLab-4-HPC, have tried to address this lack of cohesion. At this moment, there is fierce competition internationally to sustain long-term leadership in HPC technology and there remains much to do. Europe intends to increase the budget spent on HPC, with an investment of 1 billion euros in the coming three years to become a leader in Exascale systems. In order to realize the full potential of this investment, Europe will have to engage all the stakeholders, industrial as well as academic. In order to take a leading sustainable role in HPC, Europe Figure 1: EU Funding in HPC 2015-2024 must form excellence in HPC technologies by bringing together the best research groups to tackle the long- term challenges for HPC. Since long-term challenges are typically cross-cutting, e.g. performance, energy efficiency and dependability, excellence in research must target all the layers in the system stack.

EUROLAB4HPC’s aims to build connected and sustainable leadership in high-performance computing systems by bringing together the different and leading performance orientated communities in Europe, working across all layers of the system stack, fueling new industries in HPC.


01. Mai 2018 -
30. April 2020


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