Introduction to GPU Programming using CUDA

Note: Date has changed from November to December.

The course provides an introduction to the programming language CUDA which is used to write fast numeric algorithms for NVIDIA GPUs. Focus is on the basic usage of the language, the exploitation of the most important features of the device (massive parallel computation, shared memory) and efficient usage of the hardware to maximize performance. An overview of the available development tools and some advanced features of the language is given.


Online course
Organizer: HLRS, University of Stuttgart, Germany


04. Dez 2023


07. Dez 2023






Paralleles Programmieren



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Prerequisites and content levels

Programming experience in any of C, C++, or Fortran. Some knowledge about parallel programming is a plus.

Content levels
  • Basic: 8 hours
  • Intermediate: 3 hours
  • Advanced: 1 hours

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Tobias Haas (HLRS)

Learning outcomes

After this course, participants will:

  • be familiar with the CUDA programming model,
  • have basic knowledge on performance optimization and profiling of CUDA code,
  • have an overview of important CUDA libraries.


All times are local times in the central European time zone (Berlin).

Drop in to Zoom (8:45 - 9:00)

Course will take place from 9:00 - 12:30 on each day. More details will be published soon.


Each participant will get access to all slides (PDF).


Although this is an online course, the exercises will be very interactive. Participants will work in teams of two and with shared screen on HLRS's systems.

Registration information

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We encourage you to register to the waiting list if the course is full. Places might become available.


Students without Diploma/Master: 25 EUR.
PhD students or employees at a German university or public research institute: 45 EUR. 
PhD students or employees at a university or public research institute in an EU, EU-associated or PRACE country other than Germany: 90 EUR.   
PhD students or employees at a university or public research institute outside of EU, EU-associated or PRACE countries: 180 EUR.  
Other participants, e.g., from industry, other public service providers, or government: 420 EUR.

Our course fee includes coffee breaks (in classroom courses only).

For lists of EU and EU-associated coutries, and PRACE countries have a look at the Horizon Europe and PRACE website.


Lucienne Dettki phone 0711 685 63894, lucienne.dettki(at)
Tobias Haas phone 0711 685 87223, tobias.haas(at)


HLRS is part of the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS), which is one of the six PRACE Advanced Training Centres (PATCs) that started in Feb. 2012.

HLRS is also member of the Baden-Württemberg initiative bwHPC.

This course is also provided within the framework of the bwHPC training program. This course is not part of the PATC curriculum and is not sponsored by the PATC program.

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